Wisdom from the Secondary School Admissions Panel

“It is the process of falling in love.”
“They’re not soft skills; they ARE the skills our students need to navigate this world.”
“Incredible opportunity and privilege”
“In some ways they are more coddled; in some ways they are more adult.”
“Educate and legislate.”

Secondary School Admissions Panelists BQ3A9606These snippets of wisdom came from six secondary school admissions directors to parents of 8th and 9th graders during a panel discussion this week about the high school application process. The panel was led by Drew Casertano, 29-year Head of Millbrook School who we are fortunate enough to have as a Country School trustee.  We also welcomed representatives from Greens Farms Academy, Greenwich Country Day School, Miss Porter’s School, Phillips Andover Academy, Rye Country Day School and Westminster School as members of the panel.

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Lessons from Baxter, our New Puppy

IMG_1419This week, our family got a puppy.  Baxter is our first dog. We have not had one in the past for several reasons. Kara is allergic, so we had to find a fairly hypo-allergenic breed (Baxter is an Irish Doodle – part Irish Setter, part Poodle), and we have not lived in particularly friendly dog-owning situations in the past. When we moved here this summer, we knew it was time. We have been looking for a dog for several months, and we finally found the perfect option. Needless to say, we are all beyond excited to have a new member of the family.   Continue reading

The Self-Driven Child

Last weekend, a friend sent me the article, “To raise independent kids, treat middle school like a dress rehearsal for life, from the Washington Post. The article is about the importance of ownership for children. The author talked about taking too much control backstage for a middle school drama performance and watching the students perform more poorly than in previous ones where the students oversaw the backstage work. Continue reading

Leave it Better

What a great first week of school it has been! In addition to welcoming 600 wonderful students and many of their parents to their first days of the 2018-2019 school year and officially dedicating the Susan Haigh Carver ‘51 Dining Hall and Commons, I had the opportunity to address each of the divisions at their weekly assemblies. I introduced myself, talked about my hopes and dreams, acknowledged the emotions of the first days of school, and, in the middle and upper schools, provided an exhortation for the year.

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