Students Learn Everywhere

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Earlier this week, I spent several class periods in a 7th grade math section.  The classroom, on the third floor of the Stevens building, has a window flanking the door on one side. As I approached the classroom during one of the periods, I saw green marks all over the window.  I soon realized that one of the students was standing in front of the window, writing on it, working on problems while preparing for an upcoming test. As the rest of the classroom came into view, I saw students writing on desks, on moveable whiteboard shelves, on the whiteboard walls, and on notebooks, all practicing problems. The teacher, meanwhile, was moving from student to student, offering tips and feedback.  Periodically, the teacher would exclaim “flash problem” and write another problem on the wall for the students to solve quickly. I entered the classroom and proceeded to help several of the students who were stuck on one step or another. Continue reading

Our Children, Our Hearts

IMG_8394This quote from the author Elizabeth Stone is one of my favorites: “The decision to have a child is momentous – it is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” I shared this quote at Upper School Parents’ Night earlier this month because while this reality is present throughout our children’s lives, it feels especially poignant when they are newborns and again during the years of early adolescence. Continue reading

Dwarves Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

BQ3A9009aLast Wednesday, we hosted our annual reception for former faculty & staff. If you are like me, that concept raises your eyebrows. What kind of an institution attracts enough of its former employees back to hold a reception for them, much less an annual one? Well, the notion of community at Country School continues to impress me from so many angles. Over two dozen former faculty and staff members returned to campus this past week to reconnect with one another, see the new Dining Hall and the Grace House renovations, listen to the current faculty choir perform, come to our Wednesday lunch, walk the halls of the buildings, and generally bask in the glow that is Country School. Continue reading

The Strength of Community

BQ3A0317Happy October!  As I reflect on the first month of school, and my first three months here at Country School, the strength of this community continues to shine through. I have been talking about this at our gatherings of current parents, past parents, grandparents, and alumni as we kicked off the Annual Fund. I did so last night at our Early Childhood Parent Night, as I related the beginning of their journey at Country School to the saying that it takes a village to raise a child. Just as much, last weekend’s Cougar Run showcased so many wonderful aspects of this community meaningfully.

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