Choose Love

screen shot 2019-01-25 at 10.26.17 amLast Monday, I had the great fortune of attending an interfaith celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s life and legacy at the United Methodist Church in New Canaan. The focus of the event, with songs, prayers, reflections and speeches, was Choose Love. Love was a constant theme in Dr. King’s writing and speaking: love as the antithesis of hate, love as the force that connects, love as a sentiment that finds commonality even in the face of difference and destructiveness, and that love, even in small quantities, is more powerful than other emotions. Continue reading

Mission in Action through 6th Grade Speeches

file1Next week, one of the great NCCS traditions will again kick off as the first class of 6th graders – Mr. Randolph’s – will deliver speeches on topics they care about. The other three classes will follow in the months to come.

Students pick a topic that moves them, write a speech about it, and then deliver the memorized speech to an audience of classmates and family members in our auditorium. Throughout the unit, they learn about speech writing and public speaking. They study great speeches, and even hear from some guest speakers (like me!). When I met with the class, we talked about everything from the power of a story in engaging an audience to the fact that, yes, I get nervous before my speeches too. Continue reading

Life Beyond Country School

beyond country school panel bq3a8142Last night, I had the pleasure of attending Life Beyond Country School, a panel discussion featuring two recent alumni and two parents of recent graduates. The event was moderated by Tucker Golden ʼ90, current parent and President of the Alumni Council. Throughout the evening, topics of leadership, relationships, budding passions, and favorite memories of teachers emerged. In addition, the panelists fielded questions about the transition to high school and college — socially, academically and athletically. Continue reading

Happy New Year!

coopers letters from aaronHappy New Year!  I hope that this break and the dawning of 2019 have been great for you and your family and that you have found the time in these past two weeks to rest, rejuvenate, and ready yourselves for a 2019 filled with inspiration, learning, and growth.

After spending the first week here hosting some extended family and enjoying time together in New Canaan, my family and I spent the second week up in the Adirondacks where we also visit in the summer.  Our hope was to ski, snowshoe, ice skate, and generally spend as much time as possible outside enjoying winter. Continue reading