Life Beyond Country School

beyond country school panel bq3a8142Last night, I had the pleasure of attending Life Beyond Country School, a panel discussion featuring two recent alumni and two parents of recent graduates. The event was moderated by Tucker Golden ʼ90, current parent and President of the Alumni Council. Throughout the evening, topics of leadership, relationships, budding passions, and favorite memories of teachers emerged. In addition, the panelists fielded questions about the transition to high school and college — socially, academically and athletically.

During the discussion, one of the parents on the panel mentioned having been an audience member at similar presentations as far back as when her children were in Lower School and Thacher. She commented that one of the takeaways for her at those past events was always that she hoped her children would grow up to be like the graduates who were on the panel.  I have to say that the parent side of me was thinking the same thing listening to the young graduates last night. They were poised, articulate, confident and open and their words were poignant. Throughout the evening, we laughed, we cried, and we learned from them. In short, listening to them speak about their experiences was not only informative, it was also a great testament to the foundation they built during their years at Country School.

We videoed the conversation as always (special thanks to the Communications Team for producing the video), and I encourage you to watch it when it is posted next week. I would like to thank our panelists, Sanny Burnham Warner ʼ88, parent of one Country School alumnus and one current student and Mark Magnusen, also parent of one graduate and one current student, Finley Bean ʼ17 and Phoebe Casey ʼ15. I would also like to thank Holly Donaldson Casella ʼ04, our Alumni Director, who planned the event and attended less than three weeks after the birth of her beautiful baby boy, Clarke and finally, Tucker Golden ʼ90 for moderating such an informative and valuable evening.

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