Candidates Attracted to Country School

Over the course of the last month, I have had some incredible one-on-one conversations with more than 35 of the 200+ candidates for our open administrative positions. The experience, knowledge and mindsets of the candidates for these positions is impressive, and the list of their accomplishments is long. Perhaps the best part of the hiring process is hearing and reflecting on Country School through their eyes.

It has been gratifying to hear what attracts them to NCCS and the opportunities they see for our growth. Over the past month, I have heard some of the same qualities of the school highlighted repeatedly: the dedication we have to the concept of childhood and the many ways that manifests itself in the school’s culture and student experience. They have talked about the effect that a PreK-9 education has on children and the opportunities it affords for programs and approaches that may not be as feasible at a K-12 school. Several have spoken about the great benefit of Wednesday afternoon professional development. Many other schools – and very well regarded ones at that – have far less time, at far less productive hours, for professional development for their faculty.  For these reasons and others, many extremely qualified, passionate and inspiring educators have “thrown their hats in the ring” for our three administrative searches.

I have also really enjoyed the exhilarating and inspiring conversations among our three hiring teams as we have narrowed the pools to semifinalists. The process has invigorated us to look toward the possibilities ahead. As we near the next stage when we will invite finalists to campus throughout the month of February, I cannot wait for you to get the opportunity to meet these candidates in person and join in the conversation.

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